How Electronic Invoicing Can Be Just the Right Thing for Your Music Business

If you’re in the music business, things are not always as rosy as they might appear in the beginning. Sooner or later, you will face a lot of tedious and often boring tasks pretty much asĀ  is the case with any other type of business.

Electronic-InvoiceYou might find yourself hunched over for hours on end doing your invoicing, surrounded by mounds of paperwork. The invoicing process is not only tedious and tiresome, it is actually a very error prone process as well. Most of you will know about the requirement having to transfer your data from paperwork into your accounting PC.

Then there are those unavoidable delays.

You are mailing your invoices to your supplier or customer and it will take several days until your supplier will even receive your invoice. There is a further delay until they will process it. In other words, if you depend on that this happens as fast as possible you will be out of luck.

With electronic invoicing you can take on all those issues at once.

E-Invoice is a very simple yet affordable way how you can simplify your invoicing. You won’t have to deal with piles of papers any more.

You can instantly send and receive invoices, even from your mobile device. In theory it is possible that you create an invoice and it is received and processed by your supplier with minutes.

Electronic invoicing is as simple as using email. What you do, you skip the step of mailing out your invoices but instead sent them over the Internet to an electronic invoice company. From there, they will convert your PDF invoice that you sent to them and will sent it off to the recipient. The entire process is this very simple.

If you are feeling that tedious paperwork and especially the dreaded invoicing are slowly taking over your music business, I recommend that you look into electronic invoicing. You will quickly see how it helps you save time and money.


Selling Music Online Can Be Quite Stressful

music-bizIf you’re in the music business (or any other type of business for that matter), you will know that efficiency and always being able to deliver timely is extremely important.

You cannot have your clients and customers waiting and need about the fastest and most effective ways to deliver your goods, be it demo tapes, CDs or any other merchandise.

On the other hand, achieving this especially if you deal with international shipping destinations can be quite a challenge. There are several reasons for that.

No small or medium music business can have a constant overview over the various shipping costs that can differ from one country to the other. To make matters worse, many times shipping costs to international destinations can change from one week to the other.

international trade documentationAnd then there is the problem that you always need to know whether certain goods can be shipped. This may not be a problem with simple items such as CDs and demo tapes, but when it comes to other types of goods you will never know about a particular destination’s custom regulations and rules. Some countries not even allowed to send items such as food or drink.

What helped me immensely with my own business endeavours is once I started to use software to manage international trade documentation. While it took quite considerable time and effort previously to figure all those things out, the software now helps me to ship my tapes faster and most importantly for lower shipping rates. This is something that directly benefits my customers.

It took me awhile to find the right software package that did not want to have anything to complex which would have required a steep learning curve.

Do You Know the Singing Waiters?

the singing waiters dressed up as superheroes

The Singing Waiters Dressed up As Superheroes!

The Singing Waiters are possibly today’s most popular performers in the United Kingdom of what’s known was “surprise entertainment”.

This is a special type of musical entertainment that is currently all the hype for pretty much any wedding reception or large party, at least in the Greater London area and many other UK cities.

I have seen The Singing Waiters twice now – let me tell you that each time was really a lot of fun! (This is probably the understatement of the century!!)

Together with the other guests at the wedding I did of course not have any clue that they were there. I was entirely taken by surprise when those “waiters” all of a sudden started singing and dancing, it was a fantastic show!

Jennifer was so impressed by them that she called them right the next day to book them for her own wedding reception. And this was the second time where I had the pleasure to enjoy the Singing Waiters.

While surprise entertainment like the secret singers performing at receptions and parties is possibly what they are most known for, they are also great if you’re looking for professionals for flash mob performances. In addition to their surprise entertainment where they dress up as waiters you can also book them for “normal” musical entertainment, like if you’re looking for a band or DJ for your wedding reception or party. No matter what, I can highly recommend those guys and you should definitely check them out! Book them early because chances are they are booked out in advance, at least here in London.

The Leek Music and Arts Festival


The Music and Arts Festival in Leek is back, and this time it is bigger and better than before!

This years arts Festival will feature more than 50 events, making sure that everyone no matter what age will sure get their money’s worth!

Along with a plethora of bands that will be playing at the festival there will be many more events going on such as poetry readings, all sorts of live performances including one with Sally Barker known from The Voice.

Among the the highlights: There will be Climax Blues Band and popular live act The Travelling Band. As always some of the best local bands but also performers from further away will be showcased.

The Leek Music and Arts Festival will go from April 15 to June 4.

Their official website is and you should check it out to see the programme schedule and all the latest news.


A Good School That Caters to the Arts and Music

music education in schoolFinding a good school for the education of your children is not always easy, especially if you have certain requirements such as to find a school that values the arts, such as music or theatre.

Others may want to choose a school that has a special priority for sports other extra-curricular activities.

By and large, public schools in the United Kingdom can often be lacking in those regards.

This is the main reason that increasingly more families are now looking towards private and independent schools since they realise that the public school system cannot offer their children what would be required for a well-rounded education.

So, before you settle on a school for your children can give you a simple tip. Don’t just judge a school based on their reputation or what you may have heard from a friend or relative. If music and arts is highly valued in your family you should definitely get in touch with any potential school and have them consult with you what classes and activities they can offer.

You could ask questions such as how many classes of music education they offer, whether they offer classes to learn a particular instrument, whether the school has a chorus, a music studio and so forth. It’s best if you make a lists beforehand for you write what your children are interested in so you can go through this list when you contact a school.

Always know that a decision for a good school for your children should be made wisely and never in a rush. Be aware that your children will possibly spent many years of their lives in a particular school. The education for your children is not something where you should make any compromises.

The above helpful information is brought to you by Kingshottschool, your trusted private school in Hertfordshire. Your children’s education deserves a good school!

While CDs and Music Downloads Sales Drop, Vinyl Sees A Renaissance

In the United States, vinyl sales this past year jumped by a staggering 52%. This is the biggest year for vinyl sales since SoundScan began tracking sales data in the early 90s where CDs had become the dominant format for music.

However, even with vinyl sales numbers up considerably, they still only make about 6% of overall album sales.

While vinyl sees a renaissance especially across audiophiles who consider vinyl superior to digitally recorded music, the sales for compact discs and downloads dropped.

Streaming on the other hand sees major growth. Compared to the previous year, 2014 saw 164 billion streams of music and video, an increase of 54%.

This is a great time for digital streaming services such as Spotify and others who benefit from the increased demand for the streaming of music and video.