The Leek Music and Arts Festival


The Music and Arts Festival in Leek is back, and this time it is bigger and better than before!

This years arts Festival will feature more than 50 events, making sure that everyone no matter what age will sure get their money’s worth!

Along with a plethora of bands that will be playing at the festival there will be many more events going on such as poetry readings, all sorts of live performances including one with Sally Barker known from The Voice.

Among the the highlights: There will be Climax Blues Band and popular live act The Travelling Band. As always some of the best local bands but also performers from further away will be showcased.

The Leek Music and Arts Festival will go from April 15 to June 4.

Their official website is and you should check it out to see the programme schedule and all the latest news.


While CDs and Music Downloads Sales Drop, Vinyl Sees A Renaissance

In the United States, vinyl sales this past year jumped by a staggering 52%. This is the biggest year for vinyl sales since SoundScan began tracking sales data in the early 90s where CDs had become the dominant format for music.

However, even with vinyl sales numbers up considerably, they still only make about 6% of overall album sales.

While vinyl sees a renaissance especially across audiophiles who consider vinyl superior to digitally recorded music, the sales for compact discs and downloads dropped.

Streaming on the other hand sees major growth. Compared to the previous year, 2014 saw 164 billion streams of music and video, an increase of 54%.

This is a great time for digital streaming services such as Spotify and others who benefit from the increased demand for the streaming of music and video.