Selling Music Online Can Be Quite Stressful

music-bizIf you’re in the music business (or any other type of business for that matter), you will know that efficiency and always being able to deliver timely is extremely important.

You cannot have your clients and customers waiting and need about the fastest and most effective ways to deliver your goods, be it demo tapes, CDs or any other merchandise.

On the other hand, achieving this especially if you deal with international shipping destinations can be quite a challenge. There are several reasons for that.

No small or medium music business can have a constant overview over the various shipping costs that can differ from one country to the other. To make matters worse, many times shipping costs to international destinations can change from one week to the other.

international trade documentationAnd then there is the problem that you always need to know whether certain goods can be shipped. This may not be a problem with simple items such as CDs and demo tapes, but when it comes to other types of goods you will never know about a particular destination’s custom regulations and rules. Some countries not even allowed to send items such as food or drink.

What helped me immensely with my own business endeavours is once I started to use software to manage international trade documentation. While it took quite considerable time and effort previously to figure all those things out, the software now helps me to ship my tapes faster and most importantly for lower shipping rates. This is something that directly benefits my customers.

It took me awhile to find the right software package that did not want to have anything to complex which would have required a steep learning curve.

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