Do You Know the Singing Waiters?

the singing waiters dressed up as superheroes

The Singing Waiters Dressed up As Superheroes!

The Singing Waiters are possibly today’s most popular performers in the United Kingdom of what’s known was “surprise entertainment”.

This is a special type of musical entertainment that is currently all the hype for pretty much any wedding reception or large party, at least in the Greater London area and many other UK cities.

I have seen The Singing Waiters twice now – let me tell you that each time was really a lot of fun! (This is probably the understatement of the century!!)

Together with the other guests at the wedding I did of course not have any clue that they were there. I was entirely taken by surprise when those “waiters” all of a sudden started singing and dancing, it was a fantastic show!

Jennifer was so impressed by them that she called them right the next day to book them for her own wedding reception. And this was the second time where I had the pleasure to enjoy the Singing Waiters.

While surprise entertainment like the secret singers performing at receptions and parties is possibly what they are most known for, they are also great if you’re looking for professionals for flash mob performances. In addition to their surprise entertainment where they dress up as waiters you can also book them for “normal” musical entertainment, like if you’re looking for a band or DJ for your wedding reception or party. No matter what, I can highly recommend those guys and you should definitely check them out! Book them early because chances are they are booked out in advance, at least here in London.